Spay/Neuter/Educate...stop the suffering, sterilize and educate! 

Clinics and education campaigns... change lives one animal at a time!

 As MexiPaws tries to evolve into a multifaceted program; we have been asked many questions ...

  • Why the need to spay/neuter/educate?

Well, our answer is the same every time...If we try to end overpopulation and the spread of disease through spay, neuter and education programs then the need to rescue becomes less and less. There are studies out there that state 1 unaltered female and her offspring can produce up to 67,000 animals in a span of 6 years.

We go to these villages because the need is just as great in those as in the big cities, if not more. Most do not have cars, let alone money to pay for vetting. We all want to enjoy mothers natures beauty, so in enjoying it, we need to also preserve it. If we don't, then who will?

The Riviera Maya is flooded with unwanted animals, there are many groups local and foreign doing their part to help with hosting weeklong clinics throughout the year. MexiPaws is also a part of these clinics in many ways, even hosting one annually in the village of Puerto Maya-Puerto Aventuras.  If we all address one area, then we can cover more ground across the Riviera Maya and all of Mexico. MexiPaws hosted vaccine and sterilization clinics in other villages in the Yucatan such as El Cuyo and Ek Balam.

Puerto Maya is one of the fastest growing, small communities in the Riviera Maya. People are flocking here in groves for work in the construction and tourism industry. As more people arrive, so do more animals. It is estimated that for every 4 people is 1 animal. Therefore, in Puerto Maya village that is reaching close to 40,000 people, there are an estimated 4,000 animals. It has been currently documented that an “invasion” occurred in Puerto Maya and over 400 people were forced out of and homeless once again. Where did they go, and what happened to the animals that came with them?

Financial goals to be able to sterilize a single animal....

🇲🇽 $500.00MXN/animal

🇺🇸 $27.00USD/animal

🇨🇦 $35.00CAD/animal